The most interesting part of Jeff Bezos’s February 7, 2019 piece on Medium is in parentheses:

(Even though The [Washington] Post is a complexifier for me, I do not at all regret my investment. The Post is a critical institution with a critical mission. My stewardship of The Post and my support of its mission, which will remain unswerving, is something I will be most proud of when I’m 90 and reviewing my life, if I’m lucky enough to live that long, regardless of any complexities it creates for me.)

I don’t care about the personal life of Jeff Bezos. But I care very much about a free press.

Newspapers are in decline and under attack. Mr. Bezos’s support of The Washington Post is important for the country and the world. A democracy cannot function without a free press.

The words and actions of Mr. Bezos make him a worthy successor to Katherine Graham. The Post certainly doesn’t cut Amazon or Mr. Bezos any slack and it seems clear he is content to let the fine journalists of his newspaper do their jobs as they see fit.

Thank you, Mr. Bezos. A free press is more important than all the stuff we buy on Amazon or all the rockets Blue Origin puts in space.

Published by David Enzel

Washington, DC

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