Podcast: BBC’s HARDtalk Tackles Rising Antisemitism

HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur speaks to Pinchas Goldschmidt, the Swiss-born Chief Rabbi of Moscow and president of the Conference of European Rabbis on the subject of rising anti-Semitism in Europe and the United States. Rabbi Goldschmidt explains that: Antisemitism is back in vogue; There has been a decline in Europe’s Jewish population from 2 million to […]

Buzzfeed: ‘The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros’

Hannes Grassegger writing for Buzzfeed News asserts that two Jewish American political consultants launched an inaccurate and anti-Semitic attack on George Soros, a Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor. Grassegger is a Swiss economist and expert in information warfare best known for starting the Cambridge Analytica discussion. It’s a fascinating read. Source: How two Jewish American political consultants helped create the […]

Soros: AI Poses Dangers to Liberty

George Soros speaking at Davos 2019 called “attention to the mortal danger facing open societies from the instruments of control that machine learning and artificial intelligence can put in the hands of repressive regimes.” Soros asked: How can open societies be protected if these new [facial recognition] technologies give authoritarian regimes a built-in advantage? That’s […]