Blogging: Thoughts about is “a network of independent microblogs. Short posts like tweets but on your own web site that you control.” For $5 a month the service will host your You can use your own domain if you wish. You can export your data anytime you want. There is no advertising. For an additional $5 […]

Music: Lara Fabian

The 49-year-old Lara Fabian sings beautifully and speaks four languages: French, Spanish, Italian and English. She was born in Belgium to a Flemish father and an Italian mother. I especially love her French music. Fabian is best known for the dance pop song “I Will Love Again,” which was released in 2000 and peaked at number […]

Holocaust Remembrance Project

A January 25, 2019 report rates individual European Union (EU) countries on how honest they are in facing up their Holocaust pasts. The report gives each country a rating of green, yellow or red. For example, Hungary, Poland and Croatia received red cards for revisionism. It is no coincidence that countries rated red often have […]

Podcast: ‘Explaining The Holocaust to Millennials’

The Tipping Point podcast is a weekly podcast about Israel produced by The Israel Project, a non-partisan American educational organization dedicated to informing the media and public conversation about Israel. In Episode 101 — “Explaining The Holocaust to Millennials” – the moderator interviews two young Jewish Israelis (Eli Teplow and Batya Medved) about what the […]

Rolling Stone Interviews Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: ‘I just ate my salad”

Brian Hiatt of Rolling Stone has published a wide ranging interview of 42 year-old Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Here are a couple of nuggets: Hiatt asked Dorsey whether being a “professed white nationalist” is grounds for removal from Twitter. Dorsey responded that it’s grounds for suspension “if they align themselves with a violent extremist group, […]

Soros: AI Poses Dangers to Liberty

George Soros speaking at Davos 2019 called “attention to the mortal danger facing open societies from the instruments of control that machine learning and artificial intelligence can put in the hands of repressive regimes.” Soros asked: How can open societies be protected if these new [facial recognition] technologies give authoritarian regimes a built-in advantage? That’s […]

Google+ Shut Down: Exporting Your Data

In a prior post, I explained that am a long-time moderator of a Google+ community. I have made many posts to the G+ social network, which Google is closing in April. Google can’t seem to close the service fast enough. Although Google makes it possible for users to download their G+ data it does not […]

Journalism: ‘The Forward’ Goes Web Only

The Forward Association, which publishes the Jewish newspaper, The Forward, has terminated ten employees and announced that it will no longer publish print editions of its English magazine and its Yiddish newspaper. The Forward covers issues that matter to American Jews and has published a Yiddish newspaper since 1897. It created its modern English edition […]