Color Fidelity Camera Profiles

I recently started using Color Fidelity camera profiles in Adobe Lightroom. Color Fidelity camera profiles are an alternative to the standard camera profiles that come with Lightroom. To my eye, they look better. I use them as a starting point for my editing in Lightroom. They save me time.

There are several profiles for each camera model. I bought profiles for the Canon R5 and the Ricoh GRIII and am happy with them.

Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, Canon R5 processed in Lightroom with Color Fidelity Landscape v5 © David Enzel, 2020

The profiles cost $15 per camera model. The developer improves them from time to time and emails the updated profiles for no additional charge. The profiles are small files and easy to install. He includes installation instructions with each purchase and update. I think they are well worth the money.

You can learn more about the profiles in this helpful video by John Gress: