Yale History Professor Puts the ‘Alt-Right’ in Historical Perspective

Yale history professor Timothy Snyder writing in The New York Times: When the supporters of the alt-right chant that “Jews will not replace us,” they recapitulate the Nazi idea of a world Jewry that stifles the master race and must therefore be removed from the planet. When they shout “Blood and soil,” they repeat a Nazi slogan […]

Bloggers Publish Classified Intelligence Report on Germany’s AfD Party

A German intelligence service report on the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has been posted online in in German on the independent news outlet netzpolitik.org. The report explains that statements of AfD party leaders “make it clear that their thinking is based on an ethnic-biological or ethnic-cultural understanding” of what constitutes the people of Germany. The […]

NYTimes: “Germany’s Far-Right Rebrands: Friendlier Face, Same Doctrine”

New York Times Berlin Bureau Chief, Katrin Bennhold, writing in The New York Times: Better dressed, better educated and less angry than the skinheads of old — at least in public — they see themselves on the front line of a counterrevolution fought by a loose but increasingly well-networked web of actors in politics, publishing, […]