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Adobe Camera Matching Profiles for Canon R5

Almost a year ago, I wrote about Color Fidelity camera profiles. I used and enjoyed them. At the time, Adobe Lightroom did not have camera matching profiles for the Canon R5. The Canon R5 is my main camera.

In October of 2021 Adobe added camera matching color profiles for the Canon R5. I am now using the Adobe camera matching color profiles exclusively. I’m not sure why it took so long for Adobe to add them but I suspect there were issues between Canon and Adobe.

This video compares the Adobe camera matching profiles with Adobe’s standard profiles. I feel Adobe did a good job.

I use all the Adobe Canon matching color profiles but mainly use Landscape when people aren’t in the image and Portrait, Faithful or Neutral when people are the main subject of the image.

The Color Fidelity profiles are fine but I see no advantage to using them over the Adobe camera matching profiles, which I expect Adobe to update as needed.